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Main features

An intuitive, online interface lets you control robots and use tools designed to save you time and money.

Website management

An intuitive manager allows you to categorize your sites, edit them and delete them. You manage your sites and those of your customers faster!

Personas management

With a simple click you can generate identities that will be used by our robots. You simulate Internet users with IP, emails, SMS, Facebook, Twitter ...

Netlinking management

Configure tasks for creating accounts and publishing your content on directories, blogs, forums etc ... (more than 100 exploitable CMS).

Domain Name Management

Import your domain names automatically with the OVH Api (or manually) transform them into catchall, control DNS, hosting etc ...

Web Server Management

With the Ovh API you can order and import your servers and shared hosting, VPS Plesk, Start10M ... and many more on request.

Proxy Management

Each share goes through private proxies that we rent monthly. They are shared among the members. You can also import your own proxy.

Decoding captchas

We use the most famous APIs to bypass the captchas automatically. But to reduce costs we also offer our own technologies.

SMS reception

Many big sites are implementing SMS security. GHS tools allows you to have a phone number by Persona and thus bypasses this security.

Bypass Antibot Systems

A large number of Webmasters use systems to block robots. We know these techniques and GHS Tools knows how to work around them.

Keyword Management

Manage anchors and URLs for better Netlinking of your websites, identify the best words of your business in a few clicks.

Find keywords

Automatically crawl sites and tools to extract all the best keywords and the long tail of your industry.

Position tracking management

Automatically track Google for the words and phrases you want to receive detailed daily reports by e-mail.

Lexical analysis

You are sensitized to the Semantic Cocoon, Structure in Silo ... Discover a magic tool that allows you to rank for sure.

Task Scheduling

Schedule spots that our robots will have to do for you. You can automate tasks of Netlinking, creation of accounts, publications ...

Constitute lists of emails

Scan the web to find e-mails with our GHScraper technology. You can build lists of emails classified by thematic.

Blog management

You can create blogs automatically and add platform hosts like Wordpress to create more and more.

Forum Management

Create accounts on forums and take control of conversations to place your links and content.

Website audit

Analyze websites and URLs of your choice to quickly identify potential problems and improvements.

Automation of Twitter

Add your accounts en masse and take control of your Twitter account army through various automated systems that we improve regularly.

Automation of Facebook

Add your Facebook accounts and automate publications, send messages, conversations etc ... Scraper groups, peoples, companies...

Publication Automation

Schedule publications and account creations on the sites of your choice on the date of your choice with the identities of your choice.

Is there a function missing? Do you have any suggestions?

Come talk about it on the forum dedicated to GHS Tools, we try to satisfy everyone.

100% Accessible

GHS Tools is accessible via an internet browser. You have nothing to install and you can use a computer, tablet, smartphone or any other device.



Free support forums

GHS Tools is above all a community of mutual aid. You can join other members of GHS Tools for free to exchange tips, ask questions, share tips and resources ...
GHS Tools would not exist without the community!

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Free tutorials to progress

We create for you tutorials that you can follow at your own pace to learn new skills and know how to use GHS tools.

See the tutorials

How it works ?

Discover GHS tools and its use in video, master the interface with training videos created by the GHS Team.

What do users say?

Users talk about it, find out what they think about GHS tools: its interface, functions, robots.

Nicolas Sotton

It was in 2005 that I had the idea to create GHS Tools, automatism is for me a passion. I enjoy automating my daily life and those who want it.

Nicolas Sotton
Julie Kovalyova

"GHS Tools is a real successful factory !"
Formed by Nicolas, I was quickly seduced by the number of tools and their effectiveness. Since I am daily on the interface and forums GHS.

Julie Kovalyova
Joel Defort

GHS Tools is a great tool that allows me to save a lot of time, there are so many options available, it is very effective for SEO websites.

Joel Defort
Ivan Nada

I was looking for a software to make Netlinking in several languages. A friend recommended me GHS Tools and since then I am hooked to the generation of Leads.

Ivan Nada

Pricing plans

To use GHS Tools you have 3 options: buy credit, take a subscription or participate in its evolution.

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